Visitors Explore Revolutionary Innovations from Around the World at Expo 2020

Visitors Explore Revolutionary Innovations from Around the World at Expo 2020


The future is now at Expo 2020 Dubai, where pavilions are sharing technologies that will change the world. Visitors can explore revolutionary innovations from around the world on the ‘Tomorrow, Today’ self-guided journey – from hydrogen propulsion, to smart travel, and adventures into space.

Spotlighting historical figures from the Arab region whose innovations helped navigate the world, Alif – The Mobility Pavilion features larger-than-life, photo-realistic, nine-metre-tall giants of mobility whose discoveries paved the way for today’s technologies. Visitors can explore the concept of mobility, its power and far-reaching influence, and discover the role of Arabs in advancing human exploration. The pavilion journey also looks to the skies, reaching for space and encouraging everyone to explore uncharted territory.

For those keen to explore the smart mobility systems of the future, the Belgium Pavilion sees thinkers and entrepreneurs join forces to create collective vision for the year 2050 based on today’s creative innovations.

Challenging current perspectives of space and movement, the kinetic Korea Pavilion interacts both with its audience and its surroundings, demonstrating how the real world is simulated by virtual reality to move and change.

The Slovakia Pavilion describes the nation’s rapid development and technological growth, particularly in transport. Visitors can explore a hydrogen-powered passenger car, a technology the nation perceives as the fuel of the future.

Meanwhile, the Estonia Pavilion will introduce e-solutions that are part of the people’s daily lives, illustrating how Estonians are digital trailblazers that do nearly everything online. Visitors will also be able to walk under data clouds – a unique feat of interior design.

Inspired by one of the late Professor Stephen Hawking’s final projects, “Breakthrough Message”, the UK Pavilion explores what humanity would communicate to other advanced civilisations, with the opportunity for visitors to add their voice to a continuously changing, collective message. The pavilion also explores everything from the commercialisation of space, to artificial intelligence.

A virtual reality experience of the Black Forest takes centre stage at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion, where an “Innovation Cloud” – an artificially created blanket of mist – also awaits, as well as the opportunity to greet the Apollo Robot.

Discover how nature and technology can help humanity face challenges at the Belarus Pavilion, which features an interactive “Tree of Mind” installation.