White House Says Bill Sanctioning Nord Stream Undercuts Talks

White House Says Bill Sanctioning Nord Stream Undercuts Talks


The Biden administration said legislation from Senator Ted Cruz to impose tough new sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would undermine US efforts to deter Russia from further menacing Ukraine.

The legislation “will not counter further Russian aggression or protect Ukraine,” said Emily Horne, a spokesperson for the National Security Council. “Instead, it will undermine our efforts to deter Russia and remove leverage the United States and our allies and partners possess in this moment all to score political points at home.”

Cruz’s bill would force the administration to sanction the pipeline after it waived sanctions earlier this year on the project’s parent company Nord Stream 2 AG and its chief executive officer, Matthias Warnig.

The Senate was scheduled a vote for Thursday.

The vote was the result of a deal Majority Leader Chuck Schumer struck with Cruz, a Texas Republican, who in turn agreed to lift his blockade on dozens of Biden’s foreign policy nominees, including top positions at the State Department and at embassies around the world.